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i do not care if people use me.
i do not care if people use me.
use me.

my writing is beautiful. that is the one thing i am confident in.
can we all learn to read a little bit more? start with, "the perks of being a wallflower"

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i wish i didnt exist today.
i wish i didnt have a phone.
i wish i was invisable

but since im here,
my birthday, was good. but i wish i was still 16, i wish i could have skipped yesterday.

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i meet a thousand people a day. can't wait for tomorrow, loved today, yesterday was good, life is lovely.

that fucker dog ran away, ill kill him.


Currently wait for connection
This deafening tone breaking my reciever
Currently waiting for connection
To unleash the venom just pull on this lever

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i fell in love on friday night.

in other news, my life, is beautiful.
music takes me to a different world.
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i am a little whore.

i love destroyer. EUROPEAN OILS.
tournements have started, prefuse73 on friday, maybe. maybe not. maybe shore. maybe not.

kjnsdf ndskj fnskdkfsdkjnfsdkn my world is unexplainable.

i have six gods. none are female. coincidense? i think not. i will be the first goddess.

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so i realized that everytime i update this, i have pretty much a new best friend. or at least a new little group thing. yeah ive been so odd lately. i can't describe how im feeling because it changes about every two seconds. tomorrow is dress down day, im going fishing after school(BECAUSE SOFTBALL'S DONE!) and the either hanging out with sam or kate. shore thursday, moving this weekend, first tournament, im fucking tired.

peace out

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im up ......
and im down.

im high and low.

but im so fucking happy. so many amazing shows coming, rainer maria on sunday, i wanna get really high and wasted for tilly and the wall because its 4 days before my birthday so i wanna have some fuuunnnn, silver mount zion!, prefuse73, and my ultimate beautifull amazing just-announced show...DO MAKE SAY THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the very very few people i consider friends, i love.
but i still need new ones.

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im going to reassemble every old friendship i can think of, except for two.
im happy. still. because i can control that.

damien rice and fiona apple.

dramamine. i wanna feel it.

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